Effective Advertising Strategies To Turn High-potential Clinical Trial Sites Into Super Enrollers

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Advertising

If you are reading this article then you are in the planning phase of your clinical trial and you want to start recruitment strong out of the gate. Relying only on sites for recruitment can be dangerous. In fact, 48% of research sites enroll one of your patients for a given trial. The go-to solution for sponsors is often to hire more sites, but is working with the high number of sites to offset low per-site enrollment the right strategy?

What’s the solution?

We propose an alternative approach. Instead of hiring more sites, turn high-potential ones into super-enrolling sites. The advantage is that sites go up the learning curve faster, which is often key to positive study outcomes. Second, the sponsor gained significant control over the recruitment rate. And lastly, the trial becomes easier and more efficient to manage.

But how can we do this? Advertising can generate a robust pipeline of patients, but only if you follow the two laws for success in advertising-based recruitment.

The two laws for success

First, processing advertising patients must be fast and easy for site coordinators, so only send them consent-ready i.e. qualified and eager-to-consent patients.

Second cost per lead is the most important cost driver, and only effective marketing can keep it low. Don’t settle for anything less than an excellent conversion rate provided by effective and intelligent marketing.

Ignore these two laws at your own risk. But beware that doing so can cause you to exceed your marketing budget, your trial to be underpopulated, your site coordinators to be overwhelmed with unqualified leads, or in some cases, all of the above.

Make sure your recruitment program meets the two laws of success by scheduling a capabilities presentation. You will learn how we combine top-notch digital marketing with cutting-edge technology, to create an intelligent recruitment platform that leverages the two laws of success and ensures you get back on track to meet your recruitment goals. Schedule your capabilities presentation with our Chief Strategy Officer now.