Speed Up Your Clinical Trial Recruitment With An Intelligent Recruitment Platform

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Technology

Published by: Medtack.com

Boost Your Clinical Trial Recruitment with Medtack

If your clinical trial recruitment is lagging and you’re seeking a robust pipeline of consent-ready patients, you’re not alone. Relying solely on research sites for recruitment can be risky—48% of research sites enroll one or fewer patients for a given trial. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

The Two Fundamental Laws for Success in Advertising-Based Recruitment

The two fundamental laws for success in advertising-based recruitment aim to irradicate as many of the common issues and challenges associated with clinical trial recruitment.

Law 1: Make Processing Advertising Patients Fast and Easy for Site Coordinators

To ensure site coordinators can efficiently handle the influx of patients, only send them patients who are consent-ready. This means patients must be qualified and eager to consent to the trial, here is how we do it:


  • Patient Qualification: Before referring patients to your sites, we obtain and review their medical records using artificial intelligence to ensure they meet your trial criteria.
  • Patient Education: We educate potential participants through physician-led webinars and video tutorials, ensuring they are well-informed and eager to consent.
  • Seamless Referral Process: We deliver patients’ contact information, medical records, and screening reports directly to your sites via the Medtack site portal.

Law 2: Minimize Your Cost Per Lead with Top-Notch Marketing

Effective marketing is essential to keep the cost per lead low, and keeping the cost per lead low can make or break a clinical trial. It’s responsible for whether you meet your recruitment demands, deplete your budget too fast, spread awareness of your clinical trial, and many other important reasons. Here’s how we achieve this:


  • Expert Marketing Team: Our seasoned marketing professionals are adept at positioning your study and therapy as attractive options through compelling advertising campaigns.
  • Digital Expertise: We leverage social media and search engine marketing to minimize your cost per lead.
  • Engaging Landing Pages: Our video-rich landing pages are designed to compel visitors to register and continue the enrollment process.

How the Medtack Platform Supports Your Recruitment Efforts

Ignoring these laws can lead to budget overruns, underpopulated trials, and overwhelmed site coordinators. By following our recommended approach, you can avoid these pitfalls and ensure your recruitment program is both efficient and effective. The Medtack platform is designed to streamline and enhance your recruitment process through several key features:


  • AI-Powered Patient Screening: Ensures that only qualified patients are referred to your sites.
  • Educational Resources: Prepares patients so they are eager to consent.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Our sponsor portal provides real-time, graphical dashboards of patient funnels for each trial site.
  • Bi-weekly Marketing Meetings: Use these meetings to review dashboards and make informed decisions on advertising and site performance.

What’s next?

  • Schedule a Free Consultation: Meet with our Chief Strategy Officer to discuss your needs.
  • Receive a Customized Recruitment Plan: Get a tailored plan with an expected budget and timeline.
  • Conduct a Free Pilot: Validate the recruitment plan results with a free pilot.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your clinical trial recruitment. Schedule your capabilities presentation now and discover how our intelligent recruitment platform can help you achieve your enrollment goals efficiently and effectively.