A Medtack Success Story: Accelerating Clinal Trial Recruitment For a Medical Device to Treat BPH

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Industry Insights

Published by: Medtack.com

This case study highlights the key success factors in a rescue facilitated by Medtack of a clinical trial aiming for FDA approval of an implantable device to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition affecting many men over 50.

The trial’s goal was to enroll 270 patients across 20 sites within 18 months, requiring a monthly recruitment rate of 15 patients. Initially, the study sponsor, working with another recruitment firm, faced challenges: only two patients were enrolled per month, the cost per lead was $45, and only 7% of applicants consented.

Medtack’s Impact

In just 90 days, the Medtack platform achieved the target of recruiting 15 patients monthly, reduced the cost per lead by 60%, and increased the consent rate to 31%. Here’s the strategic approach that drove these results:

Capturing Attention:

  • Our ads lead with the condition name, ensuring they grab the attention of patients scrolling through platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • We used a logo that highlights symptoms like difficulty urinating.

Providing Compelling Reasons to Join:

  • The ad copy emphasizes key benefits: no sexual side effects, no medications, and a minimally invasive device.
  • Images are selected to resonate with sexually active men with BPH.

Convincing Prospective Participants:

  • A video in the ad explains, “The butterfly device is implanted in minutes under local anesthesia or sedation, alleviating BPH symptoms without cutting, burning, or medications, and does not affect sexual function.”
  • A team of well-informed counselors works with each applicant and site to ensure that they are fully pre-qualified and referred as quickly as possible.

Effective Strategy for Landing & Registration Pages

Our landing page continues to reinforce participation benefits and the device’s effectiveness. We qualify applicants by asking targeted questions and showcasing preliminary trial results:

  • “In an early-stage clinical study, 85 men were implanted with the butterfly device, which alleviated BPH symptoms without affecting ejaculation.”

We feature testimonial videos to highlight the device’s transformative impact. For instance:

  • Dr. Dan Pelsman, a family doctor, shares his experience: “As I aged, I had frequent urination at night. Now, I sleep through the night without interruptions, and it works like when I was 18. I highly recommend the device.”


Our success is driven by: a structured strategic approach to marketing with a dedicated team that engages directly with potential candidates backed by Medtack’s cutting-edge technology. Our approach ensures a seamless consent journey and efficient participant registration. To learn how our platform can enhance your trials, schedule a consultation with our Chief Strategy Officer today.