A Medtack Success Story: Accelerating Clinal Trial Recruitment a Medical Device to Treat BPH

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Industry Insights

Welcome to a case study designed to analyze the key success factors behind a clinical trial rescue facilitated by MedTAC. The purpose of this pivotal trial is to obtain FDA approval for an implantable device to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH, impacting a high percent of men over 50. 

Across 20 sites, the aim is to enroll 270 patients within 18 months, which means we need to reach a monthly recruitment rate of about 15 patients. When we were brought in, the study sponsor had already been working with a recruitment firm, but with poor results. Only two patients were enrolled per month, the cost per lead was high at $45, and only 7% of applicants were consenting. 

Enter Medtack, in just 90 days, we reached the goal of 15 patients recruited monthly. Additionally, we reduced the cost per lead by 60% and increased the consent rate to 31%. Now let’s discuss the strategic approach to marketing which is behind these outstanding results. 

When we design ads, we focus on achieving three strategic imperatives Capturing the target’s attention, providing them with compelling reasons to join your trial and giving them convincing reasons to believe the investigational therapy may work for them. 

Let’s look at an ad that we used with great success. The first goal, capturing the target’s attention, is achieved by the top part of the ad, where we always lead with the name of the condition. That way, as patients are quickly scrolling down their Facebook screen, the condition captures their attention and makes them stop and view the ad. 

Additionally, we used a logo that provocatively references the symptoms of trouble urinating. The second goal providing a compelling reason why they should participate in the study is achieved through this short copy that emphasizes the key benefits of no sexual side effects and no medications, and that the study intervention is a minimally invasive device. The photo is designed to make the target’s feel like this study is for people like them sexually active men with BPH. Finally, we give prospective participants a convincing reason to believe that the device will be effective in resolving their symptoms through a video. Let’s see. 

As quoted in the video“The butterfly device is implanted in just minutes under local anesthesia or sedation and is designed to alleviate the urinary symptoms of BPH. No cutting, no burning, no BPH medications. The butterfly is designed to expand the prosthetic urethra and alleviate BPH symptoms without sexual side effects.”

Transitioning now to the landing page, we continue to hammer in compelling reasons why to participate and convincing reasons to believe in the device’s effectiveness. At this point we add a new goal qualifying applicants as potential candidates. We do this by asking them a few questions to strengthen the reasons to believe. Preliminary results from prior trials are now included in the video. Let’s see. 

As quoted in the video The results from an early-stage clinical study where 85 men were implanted with a butterfly device suggests that the implant procedure takes minutes. It alleviates BPH symptoms without medications. It does not affect ejaculation.”

On the registration page, we use a testimonial video to highlight the transformative impact of our device. Again focusing on the reasons to participate. We start with the symptoms so targets can relate and empathize with the patient. 

As quoted in the video My name is Dr Dan Pelsman. I’m a family doctor. As I grew older I got older-time old-tribe with my prostate. Four, five, six times a night I had to go out.” 

Now we show how the investigational device transformed his life, so targets can visualize how participating in the study can help them. 

As quoted in the video Now I sleep the whole night without getting up. I don’t have to run to the laboratory every hour or two-hours. It works like when I was 18. I can only recommend the device.”

In summary, our success hinges on a well-structured strategic approach, developed through years of experience, to crafting top-notch marketing campaigns. The second piece of the puzzle is MedTax Cutting Edge technology, which ensures a seamless consent journey, facilitating swift and efficient participant registration. To explore how our technology can revolutionize your trials, schedule a consultation with our Chief Strategy Officer today. Thank you for your attention.

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